About Me

Hey it’s Virginia,

I’ve been writing since I know how to write. I was born in Rome in the early 80s and I escaped its heavy “eternity” in 2005.

I love art, but I kinda suck at making it so I graduated in Art History.  The best gift that studying art got me is winning a scholarship in New York, where I earned a degree in Art Management.

New York is where I became who I am today.  There, I lived the most pivotal, amazing years of my life: I’ve worked many  jobs,  met my husband and realized I wanted and could live my life on my own terms. 

I’m a 90s bitch and, like many from my generation, I saw the idea of “get a degree and you’ll get a job” crumbling before my eyes.

Freedom of expression and movement, and managing own my time are absolute priorities to me. Along with my aversion towards rules and my impossibility to wear any type of uniform, it soon became clear that I was born a freelancer.

That’s why freelancing, entrepreneurship and remote work are pretty much the only options for me. And I love it, despite the hustles and hurdles.

In New York I’ve worked as an independent curator and blogger for several years, until 2011.

That’s when  my husband and I tried our first shot at entrepreneurship and founded a boutique travel and hospitality brand called Cream Hotel Inc., which became known as CREAM.

For 6 amazing years my partner in crime and I rented vacation properties in gorgeous locations, curated them with local art, created bespoke tours for our clients and organized art shows and parties internationally. 

We travelled a lot. Until 2017 – when we settled in Barcelona –  we fully lived the “contemporary nomad” lifestyle: changing destination every month or two, living in the most disparate accommodations, working from wherever Wi-FI was available and following hot seasons in the Americas and in Europe.

Barcelona inspired us to go back to our creative talents – writing, in my case – and try to live out of it. 

I gotta be honest: it hasn’t been easy, but you know what they say: where there’s a will there’s a way 😉

After 3 years in Barcelona and a brief stop in Rome, we moved to freelancers’ paradise Berlin, indefinitely. 

The Blog

I don’t like to be defined by one niche, but rather by my areas of expertise, the stuff I know because I studied it or experienced it first hand:

  • Contemporary Art
  • Travel & Lifestyle
  • Entrepreneurship, freelancing and Remote Work

In this revamped version of my blog I will share with you stories of my nomadic life and the crazy strategies I developed through the years to maintain this insane way of life; wisdom and tips from my nearly 15 years of experience in freelancing, entrepreneurship and working remotely. 

And that’s because I want YOU to be great at being your own boss and succeed in living life on your own terms.

You can also check my archive of past art reviews, traveling lifestyle stories, and creative people interviews – which I’ll keep on doing because I like it, but also so you’ll stay updated with the cool stuff happening in the international, creative world.

Plus, doesn’t it feel good to relate to and get inspired by other people’s stories? 

At the core of this blog is probably the biggest lesson I’ve learned in my life so far. And the hardest to apply: No matter what you do, how you do it, whether you make it this time or not, and despite the obstacles and the assholes you’ll encounter throughout your journey, remember that the best part is always to enjoy the ride.