Battle of the Walls: 2501 and Pixel Pancho

By Virginia Villari

2501 is a street and visual artist from Milan (IT). Pixel Pancho is a street and visual artist from Turin (IT).  2501 developed his unique, black and white, monumental romantic style between Milan and Sao Paolo. Pixel Pancho grew his street art aesthetics in Valencia, Spain, where he graduated in Fine Arts. His surreal, anime-like characters and steam punk – inspired compositions can be seen on numerous walls around the world. In the past month these two fellows have been touring the United States together, painting walls from Baltimore to the Arizona desert. Their next stop will be Miami Art Basel, where creamhotel is bringing them to the Living Walls Project. Stay tuned!

2501 – Arizona desert

Pixel Pancho – Bristol

V: How did you guys meet?

2501: pixel and I know each other for a long time but just virtually, we met in person last year in Miami during Art Basel.

Pixel Pancho: I met him back in the days on the internet but I know him personally since last year at Miami Art Basel.

V:What do you like of each other’s styles

2501: I like the technique of Pixel and the energy he put in his work.

Pixel Pancho: 2501 has a unique style and what I like the most is the way he decomposes his figures. I like how he’s able to convey a strong message and a deep poetry of the image by using only two colors.

V:How does 2501 inspire Pixel Pancho and vice versa?

2501: I try to not get inspired by other street artists; my inspiration relies on other fields such as classic art or nature.

Pixel Pancho: I guess normally everyone is influenced by other people when they have a confrontation whit them. Of course 2501 influences me as a person but for my work I rather look towards other directions like contemporary and modern art as well as my little curiosities for life.

2501 – Baltimore

Pixel Pancho – Baltimore

V:When did you guys start working together?

2501: We’ve never really working together, we met and we became friends one year ago and you know we are both gold hunters….ahahahahaha! We did a combo painting together, a wall in Baltimore, in Sowebo Tancks for the legendary Martha Cooper and then this year by chance they called us for the same festivals …and now here we are!

Pixel Pancho: We never worked together, we’ve been just traveling together sometimes and being involved in the same projects, but who knows maybe we will work together at some point.

2501 & Pixel Pancho – Baltimore

V:You both have been doing a lot of street art and exhibitions around the world; which country has the strongest and most interesting street art scene as of now and why?

2501: I think there is no city that is more interesting than another, I believe is more about the artists.

Pixel Pancho: in a time when people can easily travel around the word there is not really a place where the scene is better, it’s all about the artist.

V:You guys just completed your American tour together, how was it?


Pixel Pancho: No it’s not finished yet! We have Miami Art Basel coming up!