Female DJs are Taking Over NYC! Meet Connie, resident DJ at the best underground party in NY: The Resolute.


Born and raised in Queens (NY) Connie broke into the Dj world in 2002 and she quickly became a major player in the city’s techno scene. 

With a deep, fluid mix of forward thinking 4/4 styles and a precise rhythmic sensibility that flows from her alter ego as a thumping rock drummer, Connie is a consistent crowd’s favorite and a consummate pro who always brings the good stuff 😉

Just back from the BPM Festival in Mexico, she was so kind to let me interview her exclusively for this blog.  

Seat back, relax and meet the one and only Conny Yin.


Virginia: Tell us about your encounter with Resolute..

Connie: ReSolute was founded in November of 2008 by Nektarios Ioannidis and Nikola Nedeljkovic.  They wanted to do an underground party that focused on quality music and had an intimate and creative vibe.  I was already spinning for a few years around the city by then and had played for a few one-off parties that Nek had organized. When they asked me to be part of the team and to be the residents of their party I was super excited! Now it’s almost 2012, and more than four years later, ReSolute has maintained its reputation as one of the top roving underground electronic parties in NYC as well as founded the reSolute Label and soon, a reSolute booking agency.

V: You played in many cities: from New York to Buenos Aires, Barcelona and Moscow. Where was your most memorable set and why?

C: All my international gigs are memorable in some way because it’s not just a gig, but an experience in a different country, with new faces and friends.  In 2011, my most memorable gig was probably in November at a festival in Cuenca called “Tripy Tripy Fest” where I performed with Shadi Megallaa, Jay Haze, Shonky, and some very talented local DJs, namely Pancho Piedra, Andres Caballero, Eitel Krauss, Nicolas Lopez, and more. The combination of the space/venue and the energy of the people made it an extremely pleasurable experience, and also the local DJs were very accommodating.  

However, my most memorable gig was probably in 2007 when Made Events asked me to open one of the top parties of the WMC in Miami, The “Sunday School for Degenerates” with a string of heavy hitters on the bill.  For me, as a beginning DJ back then, it gave me a lot of exposure and respect in the DJ community.  Another memorable gig was spinning at the 2006 Ultra Music Festival, after submitting a winning DJ mix to NY Voice Magazine.  On a different note, in 2010, I was arrested for spinning at an “illegal’ underground party in NYC and I was held in central brooking police station for two days!  That was also quite memorable!


V: Where does you inspiration come from?

C: My inspiration comes from people and events that I come across in everyday normal life.  Sometimes meeting someone who opens your mind to a different perspective and outlook on things is inspirational.  Or an event that changes your life can give you inspiration.  Sometimes going to concerts to see talented musicians inspire me.  And at the other end, being in nature can be inspirational too because you see the beauty of the universe and realize that you are so lucky to be a part of it!

V: As of now, where do you think the best electronic music scene?

C: I still think the best electronic music scenes in terms of pace setting and trend setting are in Berlin and London.

V: You played alongside big ones like Stacey Pullen, Konrad Black, and Alexi Delano. What are your upcoming gigs?

C: My next gig is at Open House at the Motive party w/ residents: Cylo, Maxism, and Karlos Leon on Saturday Jan 14, 2012.  And then a gig in Miami mid February as well as a gig with the Nosi Label Showcase, and hopefully a gig in Venezuela in April 2012.  ReSolute is probably also doing something at the upcoming Winter Music Conference…You guys stay tuned! 🙂


V: Your resolution for 2012?

C: I have so many goals for 2012.  Musically, I would like get some tracks out this year; I would like to get more gigs internationally; and most importantly, I would like to debut the Jaded Lover band project in April 2012.  Other goals include: learning how to swim, learning Spanish, living a healthier lifestyle, and getting involved in video editing and VJ-ing…and cooking.

V: Sounds like a plan! Good luck with everything! 😉