HAIR TALK: Episode 3 (Waiting for Art Basel Miami Beach)


HAIRED group show is getting closer… if you’re in Miami on December 2nd, don’t miss out on this unique group show!!!  

In the meantime we’ll keep on talking with our artists about the most marvelous gift Mother Nature gave us: hair! 

1 Episode to go… stay tuned!



Photo by Kevin Vast

Virginia:  Do you see hair as an artistic medium?

Paul LUCCHESI: In my work “hair” has been a vehicle of liberating and freeing myself of the restrictions one finds in their medium of choice.

Francesco MASCI: Everything can be an artistic medium to an artist.

Manu HELL: sure, it has been.

Beatrice SCHLEYER: Having worked in the fashion, performance, and art world for my entire life, I can say hair is absolutely an artistic medium. Coiffure is completely unnecessary in terms of function, and is a highly developed craft. 

Virginie SOMMET:  I do agree with Hariette Cole, who said :”From antiquity to the present day, black (people’s) hair has been both ornamentation and a medium of artistic expression. At the same time its changing political and cultural values have often mirrored the current social climate.”  For me this quotation works also for rest of the planet.

Gemma FLEMING: Hair has become important to my works.  I first discovered this through a portfolio series in college. As I began assembling concepts I began noticing that all my shots included an exaggerating attention to my subject’s hair. For that series I spent time preparing how I wanted the hair to look, from extensive instructions sent to hairstylists to even constructing wigs myself. After those pieces were completed I was left wondering what was next for hair and my work. The piece you will see during “HAIRED” is a result of over two years of constructing this thought into a new body of work where hair serves as the centerpiece.

Kevin VAST: Of course ! Just look at my pictures ! People use hair as a medium of self expression as much as art. There is no limit to creativity.

Lara PACILIO:  I’ve never treated this theme in my previous works. This has been a chance to use hair as an artistic medium  and express through it the socio-political topics I usually address in my work.

Maxine NIENOW: I think I only started seeing hair as an artistic medium for myself about 5 years ago. It happened when I let go my fears of altering it and opened my eyes to a world of possibilities, fun and ways to express myself with my hair.