HAIR TALK:Episode 2 (Waiting for Art Basel Miami Beach)


The wait is getting out of control and we’re all so excited to present this show!

Meanwhile get to know the artists a bit better through their relationship with their hair!

HAIRED group show is will be opening in Miami in 3 Days at LMNT Gallery in the Wynwood Art District.

Now let’s see if you can relate to our artists’ stories with their hair.  … 2 episodes to go stay tuned!



Photo by Kevin Vast

Virginia: In what way hair represents a means of self expression?

Paul LUCCHESI:  Now as male pattern baldness sets in, hats have been my method of expressing myself and a source of security.

Francesco MASCI:  What type of Hair? 😉

Manu HELL:  In many ways, wherever it’s conscious or not, it shows aspects of your personality and the relationship with yourself. How you want to be in this world and/or how you want to be perceived

Beatrice SCHLEYER: Whether you are choosing to style it or not to style it, one’s hair is coded the same way our clothing is. How one chooses to present oneself is a HUGE part of our non verbal communication with other humans. 

Virginie SOMMET: My hair represent  a means of self expression because it is very malleable. -One day I am a Chinese girl with Japanese chopsticks in a chignon.-Another day I am the Indian girl with a long bindi in my hair.  -Another day I have my Frida Kahlo look with red flowers in my braids, placed on the top of my head. -Another day I have my “Wonder Woman” look with my metal belt and my very high pony tale. Another day I am a little girl with flowered ponytails bunches.

Gemma FLEMING: Through many surveys and conversations I found a huge characteristic that is the first on the chopping block for self-transformation is one’s own head of hair. Having personally experienced this need to change I’ve gone to great lengths to cut/dye/shave/dread/grow my own hair as a means to transform my own person. Whether or not it has worked for me, I can’t deny that my hair serves as a vessel of change. It has lead to garnishing various praise and criticisms. It was immediate and also comforting, knowing that I could always “grow it out” or “change it back”. Hair has a quality of reverting as needed through the right measures and time. It lacks the devastating consequences of the many “now or never” choices that plague the thoughts of anxious and obsessively nervous (and often compulsive) people like me.

Kevin VAST: Hair is a big time medium of self expression. You just have to see the time that most of people spend doing their hair to understand its importance. Your haircut shapes your style and shows your personality. When it comes to hair nothing is left to chance !

Lara PACILIO:   Hair is an essential expressive means for a person in that it tells a lot about one’s character. By looking at people’s haircuts we can get a first idea of who they are or what they want to comunicate.

Maxine NIENOW: I think that hair can be a great mean for self expression since it’s something that we can alter and it’s always with us. We express ourselves in everything that we chose – when it comes to hair we display what’s important to us by the way we wear it, cut it, color it or by not doing any of these.