HAIR TALK:Episode 4 (Waiting for Art Basel Miami beach)


HAIRED group show opens TOMORROW in Miami at LMNT art gallery in the Wynwood Art District!!! 

Here is the final episode of our back to back interview with Haired featured artists.



Photo by Kevin Vast

Virginia: Can you give us a little insight of the work you are presenting at the show?

Francesco MASCI: Dada based.

Manu HELL:  My art form of choice (ready-made sculpture) expresses socio-cultural aspects that usually raise controversies, or, controversies that I wish to express on a particular aspect. I used hair as an integral part of this process.

Beatrice SCHLEYER: I often use hair as one of my tools for describing and adorning a figure in my portraiture, but creating works specifically conceptualized around it helped me realize what an important expressive vehicle it is. Hair is a crucial factor in a photographic portrait. The body and face have their own languages, with almost infinite permutations; hair has a corresponding plethora of ways to frame them. You could strip Queen Elizabeth I of her gowns, but her hair would still tell you she was Queen. Stripped to her undergarments and without her wig, she would appear equal to any peasant woman in the kingdom. Regardless of a subject’s facial expression and pose, the hair attached to their head is embedded with cultural semiotics that modify the image. 

Virginie SOMMET:  The installation that I am doing for the show “Haired” is very political. My work is often related to our society. I found a societal issue through hair. Usually, I work with objects which are the symbol of urban minorities. In that case I replace the objects by the hair. I challenged the impact of the hair in the human being’s identity.

Gemma FLEMING: Hair helps to emulate a feeling and emotion.  Great lengths of time were spent constructing the look and actually hair for this specific piece. The way you see hair in “Twins” is in result of how hair carries the aesthetic movement and structure for both the audience and the characters involved.

Kevin VAST:  As a photographer, my work is always based on the search for authenticity. I love to shoot different cultural groups and show how they live and reveal their codes .The theme of hair was for me was like  “what a better medium than hair to show who people are” ?

Lara PACILIO:  This has been kind of complicated…I brainstormed a while about it until I found the proper connection between my art and the theme of hair.

Maxine NIENOW: Depending on what it is that you are trying to communicate about hair I think you would need to chose an appropriate medium. For example, if you are talking about texture and the feel of hair, having a physical object might be important. In my case, I am emphasizing the importance that we give hair when we see it as a shape, color or texture- so I chose photography to capture it as a pure visual, as something that we observe and ascribe meanings to.


See ya’ll tomorrow at the opening reception! Expect performances, incredible art and great music. All the artists will be present!

Free Entrance Baby!

At L M N T Gallery 
55 NW 36th street, Miami
33127, FL