HAIRED – Epilogue


After few days of decompression, I am finally able to write about what turned out to be probably the best exhibition I’ve ever curated.

I left New York on November 29th and I ended up on what had been nicknamed “the Art Basel Plane” by one of the passengers. 

The aircraft was, in fact, filled by an obviously artsy crowd: mainly white Caucasian, intellectual flair, stylishly dressed in boutique clothes. Many would wear a variety of hats and precious accessories. Everybody was typing on their laptops and iPads or underlining books. 

I guess I was part of that crowd too, but I put my sunglasses on and slept the whole flight.

As soon as I landed, the hot breeze of the 305 got me into an amazing mood. 

I was so excited to meet with all the artists and start the installation. At LMNT Gallery everybody worked hard the whole day and in the end (as you can see in the pics) the show looked absolutely dope! 

All the pieces were just beautiful and in perfect dialogue with one  another.


On the day of the opening, December 1st, Contesta Rockhair’s fabulous hair stylists Fabio Moretti and Gianluca Castaldo created their Hair Man (model: Richie Adomako ) and Miss Seanna Sharpe installed her aerial prop in the gallery’s outdoor space for the reception performance. Black silks were hanging from the 20 feet high ceiling ready to be rocked a few hours later.


The opening was a blast! Around 6pm people started coming and the growing crowd filled up the indoor and outdoor space until…late 🙂

It was amazing to see the attendees interacting with the artworks: two girls started playing with Gemma Fleming’s hair installation piece, putting on hair extensions and interacting with the models.

Many in the audience played Maxine Nienow’s game of associating identities with the anonymous characters of her pictures only defined by hair. 

When Seanna and Maxine performed a haired siamese twins piece on the aerial silks, the public was stocked and a lot of passersby got in to see what was happening. 

Around midnight we all went to Haired after party at Treehouse, organized in collaboration with Miami’s top promoter LINK, and we danced our butts off to Tiefschwarz’s beat. 

Art Basel we rocked you!!




A big thanks also to all the artists for their amazing, hard work; and the one and only LMNT Gallery crew: Gino Tozzi, Ashley Cumberland and Daniel Tory. You’ve been great!