Music on the Go! Episode I with tINI

Interview by Amanda Ferrario

DJs travel a lot. They are probably the people who travel most frequently, sometimes even twice in one night. In fact, they often play in a location and 4 hours later in a total different country. 

We are used to see them in the “god-is-a-dj” mode at clubs and festivals, before huge crowds, but how are DJs when they get off the decks, in their private traveling routines, out of the spotlight?

For the first episode of this series we interviewed tINI (Desolat), one of the most acclaimed female artist in techno and house music.


Where were you before this interview? Where are you at now? Where will you be next?

Before, in my bed in ibiza.

Now? getting ready for my beach party “tINI and the gang” in ibiza.

Tomorrow I’ll be flying out to Italy, Riccione for a gig at “Cocorico.”

You Airport dress code?

Cosy pants (never shorts, the spanish love way to cold AC), sneakers, shirt & hoddie. sunglasses if necessary.

Sleep or movie when flying?


Preferred airline?


Airport favorite food (for lack of a better choice…)?

Fresh orange juice & croquettes (only in Spain) – worst case: pizza 

Do yo listen to music when you travel? If yes, what kind?

I always listen to music when I travel, mostly indie music, from radiohead to mogwai…

Your jet lag remedy?

Red wine & sleep force.

You’re embarrassed that you’re never been to?

“Embarrassed” is a strong word, lets say sad: Tokyo.

You have no desire to go to?

I wanna see it all!

The place you go to again and again?

New York.

You can find tINI tonight 08/14/2014 at Cocorico in Riccione (IT) with Loco Dice for “Used and Abused” and Wednesdays in Ibiza at Sands for her party “tINI and the Gang”. Enjoy!