Music on the Go! Episode III with Thugfucker

Interview by Emilie McGlone (Parties4Peace)

DJs travel a lot. They are probably the people who travel most frequently, sometimes even twice in one night. In fact, they often play in a location and 4 hours later in a total different country. 

We are used to see them in the “god-is-a-dj” mode at clubs and festivals, before huge crowds, but how are DJs when they get off the decks, in their private traveling routines, out of the spotlight?

For the third episode of this series we interviewed Brooklyn-based, genius DJ duo Thugfucker from Life & Death.


Where were you before this interview? Where are you now? Where will you be next?

We’re not in the same place right now, we both left Brooklyn two days ago to visit family before the holidays. Holmar’s in Reykjavik, Iceland and Greg’s in New Orleans.

Your Airport dress code?

We prefer wearing Kimono onesies…

Sleep or movie when flying?

Depends on our pre-flight adventures but usually a combination of both plus a good book when our brain functions allow us.

Preferred airline?

Any Skyteam airline will do, KLM on the transatlantic flights, because we end up in Amsterdam, one of our favorite cities in the world. 

Airport favorite food (for lack of a better choice…)?

Hunger strikes. Not sure any of that stuff counts as food.

Do yo listen to music when you travel? If yes, what kind?

Foreign Fields, Nils Frahm, Godspeed you black emperor! and Black Sabbath…

Your jet lag remedy? 

Roller coaster rides and sensory deprivations tanks.

You’re sad you’ve never been to?


You have no desire to go to?

Any countries that have laws in place that discriminate against people for their race, religion, gender or sexual preference…  

The place you go to again and again?

Tulum, Mexico

Thugfucker’s next shows are: NYE @ Stereo, Montreal, 10/01/2014 Life & Death Showcase @ BPM festival, Mexico, 12/01/15  n’ Mirrors Showcase @ BPM festival, Mexico.  17/01/15 Victoria Star Boat, Melbourne, 24/01/15 Rainbow Serpent Festival, Lexton, 26/01/15 TBA, Sydney.




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