Music on the Go! Episode IV with Bedouin

How are DJs in travel mode?

Interview by Virginia Villari

DJs travel a lot. They are probably the people who travel most frequently. Sometimes even twice in one night…in two different countries!

We are used to see them in the “god-is-a-dj” mode, at clubs and festivals, before huge crowds.

But how are DJs when they get off the decks, in their private traveling routines, out of the spotlight?

For the 4th episode of the Music On the Go! interview series I’m super excited to feature the very special  Brooklyn-based DJ/Producer Bedouin (Touch of Class/ Get Physical), a nomadic duo who creates a unique, hypnotizing, sensual, deep house sound.


Virginia: Where were you before this interview? Where are you now? Where will you be next?

Bedouin: Last week we were in LA for Clinic and in Denver for their winter music showcase. Right now we are in our studio in Brooklyn preparing for Miami next week for WMC. We’ll play at Get Lost, Flying Circus, Ship of Fools, Do Not Sit at the Pool and TOC showcase.

Your Airport dress code?

Rami: Hoodie & Sweats

Tamer: Stretchy stuff…

Sleep or movie when flying?

R: Movie

T: Both when possible…

Preferred airline?

R: United

T: Virgin, but we fly United the most

Airport favorite food (for lack of a better choice…)?

R: Shake Shack

T: When there’s no patience or choice, I would go for something simple and maybe fresh!

Do you listen to music when you travel? If yes, what kind?

R: No…it’s a nice break.

T: If I’m not preparing for the next show then I’ll be listening to anything other than dance music…jazz, classical and/or old music from different cultures.

Your jet lag remedy?

R: Stay up and party.

T: Coffee!

You’re sad you’ve never been to?

R: Outerspace 😀 

T: Tokyo! Can’t wait to go!

You have no desire to go to?

R: We are nomads by nature so the earth I roam 🙂

T: wherever music does not exist.

The place you go to again and again?

R: Beirut <3

T: Tulum, Mexico


Bedouin’s next shows are:  

3/20 Touch of Class Showcase @Treehouse Miami

3/25 @ Flying Circus, Miami WMC

3/26 @ Do Not Sit at the Pool, Miami WMC

3/27 @Zero Party, New York

3/28 @ Get Lost, Miami WMC 

3/29 @ Ship of Fools, Miami, WMC

5/22 – 25 @Mysteryland USA.

Don’t miss out! 

party flyer touch of class

party flyer flying circus

party flyer

party flyer for Zero

party flyer for Get Lost

party flyer

party flyer mystery land usa

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