On Mother’s Day Help Young Artists and Musicians Worldwide!


This Mother’s Day, on May 12th, make a donation to Parties 4 Peace in honor of a mother you love and enrich a child’s life through music and art.

Parties 4 Peace is a global non-profit production team that creamhotel has been supporting for the past year, which is currently raising funds to produce its creative youth-focused educational initiative, the Music & Art Peace Academy (MAPA).

MAPA aims to provide young artists, musicians and producers from around the world with experiences and resources that further enhance and develop their creative talents. In partnership with the international NGO Peace Boat–which travels the world by ship to promote peace education and sustainability–MAPA invites aspiring young creators to participate in global voyages onboard the ship to engage in workshops, lectures and hands on learning opportunities alongside professional artists.

Donate today and you’ll receive an informative Thank You e-card to share with a special mother.100% of your donation will go directly to sponsoring youth, artists, musicians, producers and educational workshops on board the Peace Boat.

To make a donation in honor of a mother you love, simply click here:

To stay up to date on Parties 4 Peace efforts and upcoming MAPA programs please visit: http://parties4peace.com/MAPA.html