The Freedom Model

by Kara Dake

This is a piece for Creaminologists: dreamers, schemers and all of us that feel we are here to live our best possible lives.

Dreams are happening.

This is a ridiculously exciting time in human history, a time where more industries are being disrupted than ever before with technical innovations. One by one, we’re watching the behemoth walls of corporate America fall down, and breaking through are the bright, shiny, socially connected objects we call startups.

Dear to the hearts of Creaminology readers:

ART. Collaboratively consume art with Artsicle by renting pieces for your home. $25/month.

FASHION. What’s yours is now mine with new clothing exchange platform Tradesy.

MUSIC. 10 mln+ users and just getting started, Soundcloud is launching it’s social big sister NextSoundcloud soon.

PEOPLE POWER. Indiegogo, Kickstarter, and now Obama’s JOBS act will allow for real investment (with a financial return!) in startups with platforms like Crowdfunder.

There’s even a damn store in downtown NYC dedicated to showcasing startups.

So how do you get involved, and do it right ?

Tune in to your own personal frequency.

I believe the most important step in discovering and living out your dharma is to first explore and reflect on what is important to you, and how you’d like to spend your time for the next 5+ years. As you start thinking about what makes you excited to get up in the morning, delve deeper in to whatever industry your dream falls in and explore its potential untapped opportunities. Some people will tell you that success is sweet no matter what industry you’re in, but I believe this is short-lived. Pick one you love.

With my startup Signalfy, I went through the following stages:

1/ I tuned in to my personal frequency, and recognized I love unique life experiences and sharing these with others 2/ I recognized, while renting out my apartment to many international guests, that others are looking for this too 3/ I did a ton of market research and setup and am now building what you see today, which will hopefully solve the real-world need for connection to life experiences + fun

Ok, so we hear so many inspiring stories about the corporate dropout turned startup phenomenon or world-changing humanitarian. But this doesn’t just happen; there’s logistics behind it and it takes real strategy and a game plan.

Prepare yourself: Choose From My Escape Menu & Freedom Model

Collaborative consumption models are a major part of the future of commerce and these examples show how to get involved 

Creamhotel – Rent your existing apt when you’re not there! (see mine)

Sidetour/Vayable/Gidsy – Become a local tour guide.

Skillshare – Teach a Skillshare class

Zaarly/Taskrabbit – Get your hands dirty.

Share your knowledge. I’ve set up my own consulting firm and do part-time consulting. Check out

And finally, keep your life simple. Strip down to minimal expenses and stuff, so you can…

Do what you love, every day.

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