Winter Travels: Miami WMC 2011 (School feels good on Sunday!)


Usually when someone talks about the weather it’s because they’ve nothing to talk about. That’s not true for whoever has spent this winter in New York.  I’m not going to say much about it BUT! After months of steady -15° celsius degrees, snowstorms, icy wind (and still snowing in goddamn March!), well yes weather it’s something to talk about. In such a dramatic situation, the idea of going to Miami doesn’t sound just good but f***ing great!


Of course we didn’t just fly away from the snow but to rave at the WMC: a few days of non-stop amazing techno/house parties in the sun, featuring the coolest international DJs and the best label showcases. 

For who’s never been to Miami, or not in this period of the year, you’ve got to imagine an entire city partying pretty much 24/7. Even when you think you look like crap after partying from dusk till dawn (or probably later), don’t worry! There will definitely be someone looking worse than you. Even if you think it’s not appropriate to drink mojitos instead of coffee for breakfast, not a  problem! Someone probably has already drank their third.

This year I attended almost only daytime parties, which are usually the best ones when the sun is shining and the weather is extra sweet. And here’s my best of chart:

Visionquest label pool party on Friday 25th at the Shelborne Hotel with Seth Troxler, Lee Curtis, Shaun Reeves and Ryan Crosson at the decks. Then we “got lost” on Saturday afternoon with Art Department, Jamie Jones and Soul Clap (among others) at the “Get Lost” party at iconic Miami club Electric Pickle. Last but not least, in fact on top of my list, the Sunday School for Degenerates Party at the Ice Palace. This year it was a 36-hour party. I didn’t make to do it all, but I tried!

I set my alarm at 9 am on Sunday (!!) to be on time for the DJ set of my new favorite artist: Nicolas Jaar. One hour live set, with live drums, guitar and trumpet. It was quite a shift from the hard techno, repetitive beat of the set before. Nicolas Jaar softly turned the atmosphere into a deep musical experience with slow, powerful bass and magic, visionary sound tricks. I was literally hypnotized: tribal, retro and noir melodies made people’s faces change: one by one everybody started smiling and being one with the music.

The rest of the Sunday School was great: we danced our asses off, happiness and bliss was all around. It was one those things that you wish would never end.